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Missing Persons

Trying to find a missing person can be a time consuming and often fruitless task. We are experts in tracing people and offer a no find no fee service.

Our missing persons service can find the following people:

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Private Investigators You Can Trust to Deliver

We are a leading firm of private investigators providing a range of detective services to both private and commercial clients throughout the UK.

With over 25 years experience as investigators, our team are expert in their field, each having extensive and recognised qualifications in the various aspects of covert enquiries, including surveillance, trace person, covert secret filming and the use of specialist monitoring equipment. As professionals in the field of private investigations, we have the practical knowledge, attitude and technological ability to provide skilled and effective detective services to those who require our help.

Can A Private Investigator Help?

Our investigations involve all aspects of private and public life, from investigating a cheating partner, and finding a missing person, to carrying out investigations into company theft, under cover surveillance operations, and secret car tracking to mention just a few.

Our detectives are employed for their professional attitude, discretion and ability. They are highly skilled investigators, resourceful and tenacious, always determined to get the results our clients are seeking.

We believe each situation is different and for that reason we can tailor our detective services to meet the needs and budget of our clients, and get the solution they are looking for.

We are dedicated to personal attention, individual commitment and providing the most cost effective investigation service. We guarantee that all of our investigations will be conducted discreetly and professionally.

Use a Private Detective You Can Trust to Deliver

Here are just some of the private detective services we specialise in throughout the UK:

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Our Investigations

Cheating Partners

Bug Sweeping

Due Diligence

Employee Vetting

Asset Tracing

Insurance Claims

Computer Forensics

Criminal Defence

Trace Missing Persons

Corporate Theft

Surveillance Training

These are some of the types of investigations that we carry out. Please contact us if you require the services of our private detectives.
TEL: 0845 544 1947

If you need the services of a private investigator call us:

TEL: 0845 544 1947

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SGH & Associates

provide private investigative services for private individuals, small and large businesses, solicitors, barristers, insurance companies and local authorities.

Advice & guidance  from our expert private detectives SGH & Associates   Private Investigators UK

Private Detectives for Private Clients

As leading private investigators we will ensure that as a private client, you will receive a totally professional and confidential service. Using the services of a private detective is for most an unknown experience. Our detectives are courteous, honest, reliable and approachable. We will guide you through the range of services we provide and identify which will be the most suitable and cost effective method to solve your problem more...

Private Detectives for Business

Our private investigators work extensively with the commercial sector, and provide tailored solutions to today's business demands. Working for small and large businesses, we investigate various business dilemmas, including investigating dishonest staff members, corporate espionage, breach of contract issues. We carry out due diligence enquiries, and carry out background checks. Along with being expert investigators more...

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